Sweater Weather

Lately, I’ve been living by the philosophy of, “If I wear them, it will come”. And by “them”, I mean sweaters. And by “it”, I mean some long-lasting fall weather.

Seriously, this heat is brutal, and I miss being outside, even if only for a quick walk. And with the tease of yesterday’s baby-cold-front? Not a happy camper.

So I’ve decided to lock myself in my apartment with the air on high and my sweaters in toll and pretend it’s actually 60-something degrees outside instead of the brutal heat I’m bound to endure for the next few weeks.

One of my favorite picks of the season is this orange number I found out of desperation at J.Crew. When we went to California, I most definitely did not pack appropriately for the chilly weather in Monterey and I had to buy a thicker sweater while we were there to withstand the cold, especially on the whale watching boat. Turns out, this sweater has become a fast favorite of mine and I know I’ll have it on repeat for much of the autumn season. The orange is so 1970s and reminds me a lot of Wes Anderson. I love pairing a neckerchief with it for an effortless vintage look. It’s also warm, but not overly bulky, and it’s a nice weight for the cooler seasons in the South. It’s certainly become a new favorite for me.

What are your favorite fall sweaters? And when do you break them out?




October 1, 2017


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    Alice Kortyka

    August 30, 2017

    Anthropologie has a cute sweater in their new arrivals called Felted Posy Sweater. Looks like a fun piece for September anyway. ( I can’t get it to paste to your comment section)