A Snow Day in March

To say the weather has been bizarre lately would be an understatement. In my twenty years of living in North Carolina, I have never seen snow in the month of March. Ever. Even last night after checking the weather, I thought, there’s no way it’s going to snow tomorrow.

But this morning, we woke to the familiar grey skies and snow-plump clouds outside our window. The ground was covered in snow and it was coming down in big, fluffy flakes, a perfect winter wonderland.

We ran out to get groceries in case the roads got icy and on our way back home, stopped at a quaint neighborhood near Cameron Village and Dorothea Dix Park. It was gorgeous to see the trees and flowers covered in snow, the pollen running down the sidewalks next to the melting ice. And to think, we had 70 degree weather a few days ago!

I was happy to see a quick glimpse of winter again. It felt too short this year, and I wasn’t ready for it to go so soon. Today was a lovely surprise, and I feel like I can welcome spring with open arms now.

What all did you get up to this weekend?




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    March 12, 2017

    Lol. Michigan. No power for four days.