The Giant Green Jumpsuit

anthropologie suspender jumpsuit in raleigh, NC

anthropologie suspender jumpsuit

green wide legged anthropologie suspender jumpsuit

The Giant Green Jumpsuit

A week or two ago, Oliver and I stopped by at my favorite store in the world, Anthropologie. We were actually browsing for a birthday present for my mom, but Oliver came across this green suspender jumpsuit that was too weird to resist- I had to try it on, even if just for fun.

In the fitting room, I have to admit- I wasn’t sold. I honestly didn’t have a point of reference to figure out whether or not they looked good – I’ve never owned anything even remotely like them. But the Anthro stylist found me these rad white booties to try it on with and then the jumpsuit seemed… okay?

But Oliver was obsessed. He freaked out over how cool they were, and even when I still wasn’t entirely sold, he grabbed them and ran to the register to buy them for me. That’s how obsessed he was. (In retrospect, it’s kind of funny, because if you look at the comments on Anthro’s website, there’s another woman whose husband loves them so much that he wants her to get another pair. Maybe it’s a guy thing?)

When we got home, I still went back and forth on it. I couldn’t figure out what to wear it with, how to wear it, whether or not it was flattering…the jumpsuit just seemed a little too out there for me. So it hung in my closet for a few weeks while I waited for a day I was feeling particularly confident to debut it.

Fast forward to Saturday and I was rushing to find an outfit for a photoshoot at the NCMA. The girl I was taking photos of has this incredible fashion sense and I wanted to look cool, maybe a bit artsy, so I grabbed the jumpsuit and paired it with a black, open backed Free People shirt I’ve had for years. I also threw on my Pikolino gladiator sandals instead of the white booties since it was supposed to be pretty warm that day.

And you know what? I felt incredible.

I felt so beautiful and goddess-y that I had an extra graceful step in my walk. The legs billowed and flowed, and I felt statuesque; like Persephone risen for spring. Not only did I feel gorgeous, but the pants are super comfortable. They’re very loose and are made of a light, silky rayon that’s perfect for the hot days we get here in Raleigh.

Once I finished my own photoshoot, I dragged Oliver back to the art museum in time for some golden hour pics, and I cannot believe how beautiful they turned out. This jumpsuit is made for photography. I’m in love.

green wide legged suspender jumpsuit by anthropologie with a black free people shirt

green wide legged suspender jumpsuit by anthropologie

green wide legged jumpsuit by anthropologie

anthropologie suspender jumpsuit

anthropologie suspender jumpsuit

green anthropologie jumpsuit

olive green anthropologie jumpsuit, wide legged

All photography by Olivier Metzler. Photo editing by yours truly.


April 17, 2017


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    Alice Kortyka

    March 27, 2017

    Love love love these photos of you AND I love the outfit!!! You have the long legs to manage the material flow and the pretty upper half to balance it out. Adorable original outfit. Kudos to you both for thinking outta the box!!!

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    March 28, 2017

    Whats not to love? You look fabulous. Granted, its not the first time I have wrote that about you. The photos are gorgeous, perhaps some of the best!
    Yes!!! On this outfit. And I love the shoes . I just purchased a pair of pikolinos myself! Oxfords tho