The First Cold Front of the Season

I love waking up to cold, rainy mornings, where I can sit on my porch for a few minutes and curl up with my coffee. Today was the first cold front of the season here in North Carolina, and with it came a whole new level of excitement. I’ve already loaded up my pantry with all the necessities for baking cookies and pumpkin bread, and there’s loads of Harvest Soup in the fridge for chilly afternoons. I’ve also reached peak basic bitch- I’ve officially booked every weekend in October with something fall-related, which means loads of apple festivals, pumpkin picking, bonfires and trips to the fair in the relatively near future. Oh, and plenty of pumpkin paraphernalia. Did I mention I love fall?

I’ve also reached the point of no return when it comes to clothing- today is the day I pack away my shorts and tank tops and swap them out for cozy knits and boots. Some of you would argue that this is perhaps a bit premature, considering the average high in a North Carolina September is around 80 degrees, but I beg to differ. As they say, “denial runs deep”, and I may be sweaty, but at least I’ll look seasonally appropriate.

Are you loving this cooler weather? How do you celebrate fall?






August 30, 2017