I’m sitting on my porch as I write this, trying to recreate as many California vibes as I can. My bistro table is covered in succulents and I’ve filled our porch with greenery (particularly, a gigantic, slightly crooked blackberry plant named Barry). I have a few candles lit and as I close my eyes, I try to pretend our Indian-summer wind is coming from the west, with hints of eucalyptus, rosemary, and evergreen on the breeze.

California represented so many things to me. It was the first adventure since our trip to Switzerland last summer and it was a long time coming after a difficult year. To be honest, it wasn’t something Oliver and I thought would ever happen. We kept trying to plan vacations before and for some reason, something always happened that prevented us from taking the trip. So as you can imagine, I was hesitant about this one in particular. I had never been out west, and California is such a huge endeavor to conquer. You could spend years trekking the coast line north to south and I’m sure you’d still find something new to discover. We chose to make our way from Los Angeles up to San Francisco and focus our stay on Big Sur and sites around it. And honestly? If given the choice again, I’d spend even more time in the northern part of the state. There is so much insane beauty there that it’s impossible to take in in one trip.

That’s actually one of the reasons I’ve taken so long to even write this post. To be completely honest, nothing measures up to what I encountered on our visit to the West. I’ve spent months mulling over this, trying to make a list of all the places we went and fell in love with, all the “must do’s” and “must see’s”. It’s been stifling, and unproductive, and frustrating at its worst. But at its best? I’ve been able to revisit what has been my best vacation to date. And while this post won’t include my favorite places, or even a list of all the stops we made on our journey from LA to San Francisco and back, I will leave you with this thought- California is one of those places that never really leaves you- it takes a piece of your soul and fills it with more splendor than you could ever imagine. No words, no photos, no imagination can do it justice. You simply have to experience it.

And for me? I know in my bones I’ll be back.


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    October 2, 2017

    I knew you would love it.
    Northern CA is the best. Always good to come back home, but the west, esp. CA, has so much diversity, and new landscape.
    I loved SanFran❤️

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      October 2, 2017

      I LOVED San Francisco! But I think by far my favorite area was Carmel by the Sea and Big Sur. Both were so, so beautiful. Gotta get myself back out there 😉